Axis has helped hundreds of families turn the page to a positive new chapter in their lives with our intervention, counselling and monitoring services. Our full range of occupational testing services helps employers build safe and healthy teams they can count on.

Axis was founded in 1999 to give families the support they need to overcome addictions with interventions and recovery counselling in a safe, professional and confidential setting.

At Axis, our approach to addictions involves the entire family system. We believe true healing and lasting change happens when families come together to address how they got here and how they can find a new way to build a healthy future with their recovering loved one.

Axis CEO and Canada interventionist Darrin Taylor leads many of the private and group addictions counselling sessions for recovering patients and their families. Along with a team of compassionate and trusted counsellors, Axis is able to offer a complete range of counselling services, including marriage counselling and youth counselling, and help treat a range of addictions, including sex addictions, gambling addictions, food addictions, technology addictions and more.

We are also proud to facilitate the Intensive Outpatient Program developed by Edgewood, one of the leading treatment centres in Canada. Here, patients work towards getting sober in a safe, compassionate, confidential setting. It’s also a source of support for people in early recovery after residential treatment.

In addition to helping patients and their families through the journey of addictions recovery, we also offer drug and alcohol testing and monitoring services to give families and employers peace of mind. Our full line of occupational testing services allows employers to make sound hiring decisions.

Axis offers all of its individual, family and addictions counselling and testing services at offices in both Kelowna and Vernon, BC. Our interventionists facilitate interventions across Canada and the United States, and bring loved ones and co-workers to treatment centres throughout North America.

About Darrin Taylor


Axis CEO Darrin Taylor is a sought-after Canada interventionist and addictions counsellor, and the only board-certified interventionist in the Okanagan.

As a person in long-term recovery, Darrin is passionate about helping families discover hope, healing and a new future. His ability to calmly walk families and patients through interventions has allowed him to help all types of patients into treatment, from high profile executives and professional athletes to teenagers and seniors.

Darrin is a licensed counsellor, a board-certified interventionist and a graduate of Queen’s University.

Darrin is a member of the following organizations:

Excellence in Counselling

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